Back-to-Nature / Malawi cichlids 2nd edition

Back-to-Nature guide toMalawi Cichlids

2nd edition

by Ad Konings

Malawi cichlids have been, and will probably always remain, among the most popular aquarium fishes of all time. Their briliant colours, ease of maintenance, and interesting behaviour are the three most important reasons for their popularity. A selection of these fishes is all you need to create an interesting and decorative aquarium in your home. In order to enjoy your Malawi cichlid aquarium to the full, however, it is essential to take their specific maintenance requirements into account. This guide provides expert advice on all the elements of proper maintenance, such as choice of aquarium (with details of the minimum size required for each species discussed), creating the correct water conditions, providing appropriate decor, feeding, etc. Follow these basic guidelines and you will soon have a little piece of Lake Malawi in your living room, for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy.
208 pages, 600 color photos, hardcover, and size: 7" x 9.5".

ISBN 0-9668255-9-4. $34.50

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