Back-to-Nature / Tanganyika Cichlids

Back-to-Nature guide to Tanganyika Cichlids

by Ad Konings

There is no other group of aquarium fishes which has evoked such a passion among hobbyists as Tanganyikan cichlids have. For many an aquarist they represent a life-long addiction to keeping, breeding and, most of all, observing these interesting fishes. Why is this? The answer is easy: Tanganyika cichlids are the most interesting aquarium fishes known today. They provide hobbyists with a combination of attractive fishes, interesting behaviour, and easy maintenance, with the added benefit that the sale of their offspring can sometimes cover most of the cost of keeping them. This guide provides an overview of the species currently available and some basic information on how to keep them in the most natural way.
128 pages, 320 color photos, hardcover, and size: 7" x 9.5".

ISBN 3-928457-37-3. $24.00