A Guide To The Tanzanian Cichlids of Lake Malawi

by Laif DeMason

Laif DeMason is the owner of Old World Exotic Fish, Inc. in Homestead, Florida, where he raises African cichlids and receives imports from more than 15 countries. He has been instrumental in opening up new territories for cichlid export from East Africa, including the Tanzanian coast of Lake Malawi. Laif writes a regular column for Cichlid News entitled "What's New Around the World?". He holds degrees in Marine Biology and Zoology from the University of Miami and the University of Michigan.

Exploration of the Tanzanian coastline only began in earnest in 1991. Since this time, many new cichlid varieties have been discovered. This volume is a comprehensive guide to the Tanzanian cichlids of Lake Malawi. Both naturalists and aquarists alike can use this important guide to identify species found along the Tanzanian coastline.