Before discussing this issue’s contents, let’s briefly revisit our new approach to packaging and distributing the magazine. I’ve received only one report of a magazine damaged (rained on actually) in transit, so I guess we should consider ourselves fortunate in that regard. Please let me know if you’re experiencing problems of this nature. On another matter, we’ve printed a renewal form on the inside front cover of the “wrap-around”, but it’s relevant only when your subscrition is up for renewal, which you can check by examining the mailing label on the front cover. If your subscription expires with the contained issue, then your expiration date will be highlighted in red or pink, and you should then utilize the renewal form to extend your subscription; if your expiration date is not highlighted, then just ignore the renewal form.

As for this issue, we’re heavily weighted toward Malawi specialities this time around. Ad Konings reviews variation and ecology of the peacocks (genus Aulonocara) of the Chitande group, which includes several varieties well-known in the hobby. Martin Geerts revisits the issue of the nomenclatural controversy surrounding the usage of Maylandia versus Metriaclima as the proper generic name for the bulk of the black-barred zebras. Oh, for the simpler days of Pseudotropheus (and Cichlasoma for that matter!) . . . Finally, Charles Kacirek, fresh from several months on the lake, muses over a variety of topics on how to reinvigorate interest in mbuna. 

But that’s not all. We also have a delightful travelog from Willem Heijns, relating his experiences diving in the crater lakes of Nicaragua. All of you practiced SCUBA divers can appreciate his enthusiasm in detailing his first dives with a tank on his back. Finally, Brian Scott offers – in the first in a series – tips on diet and nutrition in herbivorous cichlids; as hard as it may be for the carnivores among us to accept, these fish do not need animal protein to be happy.

Jeffrey N. Taylor, Editor 

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