This issue brings a wealth of interesting fishes, as only cichlids can. Patrick Tawil discusses the “dwarf jumbo” Cyprichromis from Tanganyika while Ad Konings explores the enigmatic “kingsizei” group from Lake Malawi. Juan Miguel Artigas Azas presents Herichthys sp. “white labridens” from Mexico. Finally, Dan Woodland tells of his efforts to breed Amphilophus sp. “chancho”, from Nicaragua. The fact that so many of these fishes do not yet have formal scientific names and are designated only by temporary names tells you that you are reading about the latest discoveries (and controversies) in the world of cichlids, something that we strive to provide in Cichlid News

I also have some very sad news to report. Since the last issue of Cichlid News, two very prominent members of the cichlid community have passed away. Professor George Barlow passed away in the mid summer and Stuart Grant passed away in early October. Some of us were fortunate to know one or both of these individuals (George was my mentor and friend for many years) but everyone in the world of cichlids has benefited from their contributions: from George and his students for their impact on the science of cichlids and building bridges between science and the hobby, and from Stuart for his immeasurable part in bringing so many amazing fishes into the hobby. The passing of these individuals marks the end of their direct contributions to cichlids, but their legacies live on and show the tremendous impact that an individual can have on the world through a lifetime of dedication. That is truly something worth celebrating. 

The hobby owes a great deal to these two individuals and both would be happy to know that you are enjoying these wonderful fishes. 

Ron Coleman, Editor

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