Welcome to the autumn edition of Cichlid News. In this issue, we continue with part two of the definitive treatise on Orthochromis species from Tanzania by Hans van Heusden, started in the last (July 2010) issue. Thomas Andersen writes about his experiences acquiring, maintaining and eventually spawning the Tanganyikan limnochromine Limnochromis staneri. Ad Konings presents the dilemma surrounding the Malawi shell-dwelling mbuna Metriaclima lanisticola and Pseudotropheus livingstonii, concluding that a third species, P. elegans, once synonymized with P. livingstonii is a valid species in its own right: the sand-dwelling mbuna once referred to as ‘Acei’. For you New World cichlid fans, Uwe Werner shares his experiences with one of the Gymnogeophagus species that are now all the rage: G. labiatus. Finally, aquarium book guru Lee Finley reviews the newly published, magnificent photographic book The Amazon: Below Water by intrepid collector/importer Oliver Lucanus. And of course Laif DeMason concludes as usual with “What’s New Across the World”, his photographic survey of significant new varieties. Looking forward, the January issue, among other articles, will feature contributions on the Iranian cichlid Iranocichla hormuzensis by Dave Hansen and the creation of a new genus Andinoacara for the blue acaras and green terrors along with the description of a new species, A. stalsbergi, by myself.

On another note, I’d like to congratulate Contributing Editor/Publisher Laif DeMason on the occasion of his recognition by the American Cichlid Association at their annual convention this past July as one of two inaugural “Ross Socolof Fellows”, an honor he shared with the late Stuart Grant (famed cichlid exporter from Lake Malawi). This is a new ACA award honoring the late Ross Socolof who was a fish farmer, avid cichlid hobbyist, and founding member of the ACA, which will be given to worthy candidates from the tropical fish industry whose lifetime contributions to the industry and cichlid hobby are deserving of recognition. These are intended for very special people indeed. Congratulations Laif! Well deserved!

On a similar note, I would like to thank the ACA for also recognizing my activities as a cheerleader for all things cichlid over the years, with a Guy Jordan Retrospective award. I join a small number of illustrious cichlid greats, including Graphics Editor Ad Konings who was recognized for his lifetime achievement with the same award at the Cincinnati Convention in 2003. I do truly appreciate the honor. I suppose that makes the current editorial board of Cichlid News ACA certified!
Wayne S. Leibel, Editor

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