This April 2012 edition of Cichlid News has something for everyone, both Old and New World cichlid enthusiasts alike. Thomas Andersen introduces us to a spectacular deepwater species from Lake Tanganyika, Greenwoodochromis bellcrossi. This rare and relatively unknown species was only recently imported, in 2004; first to Germany and later to Asia and America. Andersen details the taxonomic history, husbandry, and recent spawning of this unique biparental mouthbrooder, accompanied by some truly outstanding photographs.

Patrick Tawil likewise introduces us to one of the lesser known members of the Lake Malawi “blue followers”: cichlids that follow a substrate foraging “host”, such as Taeniolethrinops or Fossorochromis species, and feed on the particles stirred up by them. This group includes the better-known and emblematic “blue dolphin cichlid” Cyrtocara moorii. Again, Patrick’s gorgeous photos of this crescent-tailed relative show why this is a species worth seeking out and keeping in the aquarium.

Willem Heijns, in the first of a two-part article on Australoheros species catches us up on the current status of this rapidlyexpanding group of South American cichlids, collectively known as “chanchitos”. Part 1 reviews the taxonomic history and current status of this interesting group of cichlids formerly placed in the genus Cichlasoma, then taxonomically orphaned in 1983 until the genus Australoheros was created for them in 2006 by ichthylogists Oldrich Rican and Sven O. Kullander.

Finally, Eric Hanneman updates his progress in the search for the mythical Amphilophus margaritifer in Guatemala. His magnificent obsession with this fish is the stuff of legend and, as he writes, is yet to be realized with 100% surety.

We finish the issue with a “My Favorite 6 Cichlids” contribution from Chuck Rambo, ACA Fellow and Lake Victorian cichlid devotee: surprisingly, no Victorians made his list! As usual, Laif DeMason concludes with another round of “What’s New”. A full issue brimming with interesting articles! Enjoy your cichlids!
Wayne S. Leibel, Editor

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