It is late November as we go to press, and man is it cold! Temperatures all over the United States are c. 20°F below normal! This is ich time! Time to check your heaters and thermostats before that temperature bump brings out the white spot in your prize fish. Hopefully, this Polar Vortex won’t set the stage for yet another very cold winter, much like last year.

We have a great mix of articles for you in this January 2015 issue. Cichlid News regular Thomas Andersen discusses the possibility of more than one species behind the name Xenotilapia bathyphilus Poll 1956. It is a riveting discussion illustrated with his luscious photos of these beautiful cichlids.

For you New World fans, Jeffrey McCrary writes about the Arrow Cichlid of Lake Apoyo, Nicaragua, Amphilophus zaliosus. In so doing, he also presents recent information about the dramatic speciation of the “Midas Complex” that has taken place in these volcanic lakes.

Malagasy fish expert Paul V. Loiselle discusses cichlids of the genus Ptychochromis in Part 1 of this two-part article. Again, wonderful photos of this unique group of primitive cichlids from Madagascar leave me wanting to keep at least one of these species.

Our “Man in Africa” Lawrence Kent, who always finds a way to collect cichlids on his work-related trips to Africa (agricultural site visits on behalf of the Gates Foundation), shares his recent experiences collecting Sarotherodon galilaeus, “St. Peter’s Fish”. This biblical cichlid is still routinely grilled for tourists and pilgrims in the Holy Land, but is an interesting cichlid in its own right.

Ad Konings catches us up on the recent work of the Stuart M. Grant Cichlid Conservation Fund; Spencer Jack offers his Favorite Six Cichlids; and Laif DeMason shares What’s New to round out this issue.

Wishing all a great Holiday Season! Until springtime and the April issue, please enjoy your cichlids!

Wayne S. Leibel, Editor

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