Goodbye to the summer, hello to the fall. Goodbye, also, to our dear friend Felipe Cantera who passed away unexpectedly Saturday August 19. Felipe was well known in the international aquarium/cichlid community for his fish collecting in his home country of Uruguay, but even more so for his dynamic personality. He was everybody’s friend: to know him was to love him. Felipe arranged hobbyist trips with groups from all over the world to collect the beautiful and interesting cichlids of his beloved country. He was instrumental in introducing many of these, Gymnogeophagus and Crenicichla species among others, to the international cichlid hobby, not to mention his work guiding ichthyologists studying the ichthyofauna of Uruguay. It is difficult to contemplate and accept his untimely passing. Our sympathies to his family. Rest in Peace, Pipo.

This October issue of Cichlid News features a wide variety of articles. Ad Konings reviews recent research into the biology of Crater Lake cichlids and their ‘sympatric’ evolution. Juan Miguel Artigas Azas introduces us to the newly-described ‘firemouth’ type, Thorichthys panchovillai from Mexico. It’s a stunner, but we’re not so sure about the choice of species name, nor is he. Regular contributor Oliver Lucanus reports on the first commercial import of cichlids from Africa’s Lake Kivu, one of which is featured on our cover. Many of these fish have never been photographed before. Ad Konings contributes yet another article, on the so-called Lyretail cichlids, Neolamprologus furcifer and N. timidis, cryptic species from Lake Tanganyika. I share the results of recently published genomic studies implicating natural hybridization as the prime mechanism for rapid speciation in cichlids and others. Finally, Laif DeMason closes with his regular column, ‘What’s New’.

Time to get those pool/pond cichlids back inside before it gets cold, if you haven’t already done so. Enjoy your cichlids!!!

Wayne S. Leibel, Editor

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