October’s Cichlid News brings a wealth of cichlid information from all over the world. Instead of our usual five articles, we bring you eight covering species and topics from all over, so many in fact that there is little room in my usual rambling Editor’s summary for much detail. Instead, with exception of the first article, I’ll let the titles more or less speak for themselves.

If you’re a longtime member of the American Cichlid Association (ACA) you probably have heard of the two founding members of the organization, Guy Jordan and Dick Stratton. You are probably also familiar with Pablo, Guy’s famous “Cichlasoma” dovii (now Parachromis), or wolf cichlid, from Costa Rica, and the story of its initial importation into the USA. In his article “Revisiting an Old Friend Parachromis dovii” Dick Stratton recounts the initial importation of this striking Central American species into the USA, accompanied by photos of the rare red/gold morph by Mo Devlin.

Next, Juan Miguel Artigas Azas suggests some taxonomic changes to take place in the Central American cichlid clade in his article “Kihnichthys, a Junior Synonym of Cincelichthys”.

In “A Giant Predator from South America, Cichla pleiozona Kullander & Ferreira 2006” Wolfgang Staeck introduces us to one of the 16 known species of giant “Tucunaré”, arguably the world’s largest cichlid. Also, in another installment of her series of articles “Swimming with Cichlids”, Pam Chin shares her experiences swimming at Kasakalawe, Zambia featuring her cichlid love, Tropheus moorii.

Next in his article “Small, Slight, and Successful: Paracyprichromis,” Ad Konings writes about two popular sardine cichlids from Lake Tanganyika. Then in a short dialog, “First Time Spawning of Satanoperca lilith”, Buller Andersson recounts his success with this lovely and rare geophagine cichlid.

In “Going, Going, Gone! — Aquarium Sludge” Tim Hovanec writes about strategies for creating and maintaining your aquarium water quality. Finally, in “Cichlid Profile — Copadichromis borleyi“, Ad Konings shares his lovely photos of some geographic variants of this Malawi species.

We hope you will enjoy this exciting issue!

Wayne S. Leibel, Editor

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