Happy New Year and welcome to the January 2023 issue of Cichlid News Magazine! The CN team hopes that your holiday season was enjoyable and relaxing so that you’re ready to hit the fish room hard in the coming year. In this issue, we feature six original articles by well-known fish keepers across the globe.

Ad Konings presents his views on Altolamprologus fasciatus, a species that evolved from a natural hybrid over a half million years ago in Lake Tanganyika! Read on and enjoy the information-packed article and Ad’s outstanding underwater photography.

Michel Keijman in his second article for Cichlid News covers Benitochromis sp. ‘mboué, an elongated species from the genus that may very well be a new species. Michel relates his experiences in collecting this beautiful cichlid with Uwe Werner in the Mboué River in Cameroon.

Anton Lamboj and Amidu Mansaray collaborated to study the attractive West African species, Wallaceochromis humilus, in its natural habitat in Sierra Leone. In this well illustrated article, they detail their observations and findings while surveying the various populations in the scenic Waanje River with its flowering Crinum lilies.

Juan Miguel Artigas Azas tells us about the natural history of the fantastic Mexican cichlid, Amphilophus istlanus. The “King of the Balsas” came into the hobby in the mid 80s, but is still not often seen. It is indeed one of holy grail species for middle American cichlid lovers and if you can find it, you will not be disappointed in keeping it. Learn more about A. istlanus in this comprehensive overview of the species.

Mikrogeophagus ramirezi, a long term staple in the aquarium hobby, is discussed by the team of Lee Newman, Don Danko, and Joe Doyle. Lee provides an overview of the wild form while I comment on the man-made color forms and Joe reviews how he keeps and breeds M. ramirezi in the aquarium through his experiences with the Black Ram. Thanks to George and Alecia Anagnostopoulos of Broadview Heights, Ohio, for donating Ram color forms for photography!

Lastly, Charley Grimes, a legend in several aquarium societies, teaches us how to raise White Worms for our cichlids and other fish. He’s been culturing these creatures of the European forest mold for over 50 years and shares his views on how to put eggs in your cichlids’ bellies!

If you have an article that you would like to contribute, please reach out to us at editors@cichlidnews.com. And if you enjoy reading the magazine, please be sure to spread the word by telling all your cichlid friends about us!
Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Don Danko, Editor

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