Hopefully, youíve all managed to get into your fish rooms over the winter as well as acquire some new cichlids. While Iíve personally not added any new ones, Iíve decided to try the supposedly ďeasyĒ, low light plants again to see if I can recreate the magic Iíve had a couple of times over the years. So, Java Fern and Anubias adorn two of my Lake Tanganyika tanks once more and Iím hoping to be successful with them this time. These plants are fairly compatible with many cichlids, but I certainly wonít claim that to be the case with Uaru or Heros severus though.
On to the April issue!

Dr. Enea Parimbelli, an assistant professor at the University of Pavia in Italy, relates the status of Tropheus ĎMuragoí in the wild based on his diving experience at Wampempe, Tanzania in September 2021. Read on for the latest on this attractive Lake Tanganyika cichlid.

Dr. Wolfgang Staeck informs us about one of the Lake Malawi peacocks, Aulonocara jacobfreibergi. He tells how this beautiful cave dwelling cichlid differs from other Aulonocara species based on his observations in the wild and experiences maintaining it in the aquarium.

Dr. Paul Loiselle, a prominent force in the world of cichlids, writes on the West African species, Coptodon deckerti. In his comprehensive piece, Paul tells us how he has kept and bred this species in the aquarium while encountering a couple of bumps in the road.

Michael Liu is a member of the New England Cichlid Association and is passionate about keeping Victoria and other East Africa cichlids. In his article, Mike covers his quest to make the attractive Haplochromis parvidens more available in the hobby.

Martin Geerts of the Netherlands explains the current status of the genus Ctenochromis and the change in name for a popular Lake Tanganyika cichlid.

Bob Evers is a talented Discus breeder who produces robust and very healthy fry. In this article, Bob details his personal approach to maintaining and breeding very high quality Discus, including much information on rearing the fry.

Stan Sung has a passion for translating his underwater collecting memories and visions of cichlid habitats to the canvas. He has created lovely paintings of cichlids from South America, Madagascar, and Central America and has recently completed a wonderful painting of the true parrot cichlid, Hoplarchus psittacus, which graces the cover of this monthís magazine.

The Cichlid News team certainly hopes you enjoy this edition and appreciates your ongoing support for the magazine. If you would like to share your personal experiences in collecting cichlids or keeping and breeding them, please reach out to us at the email address below or through Facebook!

Don Danko, Editor

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