Welcome to the July issue of Cichlid News Magazine! In this issue we have something for every cichlid hobbyist, with articles on cichlids from Lake Tanganyika, Lake Malawi, Central America, and West Africa. We even have an article on strategies for keeping plants with our favorite fish. Read on and enjoy!

The red form of Parachromis dovii has become popular in the cichlid world due to its rarity and very attractive coloration. In this issue, we offer two articles on this fish. In the first, Don Danko covers the natural history and how it entered the hobby. Mo Devlin then provides a detailed maintenance and spawning account along with some lovely photographs of this desirable large guapote.

Willem Heijns writes on a long time favorite, the black belt cichlid, Vieja maculicauda. This popular fish from Central America requires large tanks and Willem articulates strategies for properly caring for them.

Ad Konings tells us why he believes that ‘Gnathochromis’ pfefferi belongs in the newly erected genus, Shuja. This maternal mouthbrooder differs significantly from Gnathochromis permaxillaris in being a biparental mouthbrooder with a very unique mouth structure among other distinctions that set it apart.

Newcomer Ivan Kalabric describes his approaches for maintaining and breeding the Lake Malawi mbuna. He addresses tank setup, sex ratios, and feeding strategies in this how-to article.

Michel Keijman informs us about the genus Wallaceochromis that includes the species humilus, rubrolabiatus, and signatus. While W. humilus is occasionally seen in the hobby, its congeners are not. Michel goes into the details on the habitats and distinctions between these three appealing species.

Last, but not least, plants are extremely popular among aquarists and cichlid enthusiasts are no exception. While cichlids can be tougher on plants than general community fish, Mark Denaro explains some of his time tested strategies for keeping plants with them that you can immediately put into play after a trip to your local fish store.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to register for the July American Cichlid Association Combo Plate Convention in Madison Wisconsin that is co-hosted with the Madison Aquarium Society. Also, put the Ohio Cichlid Association’s Extravaganza on your calendar for November 17–19. And, no doubt there are other excellent aquarium society events to get involved with in your local area this summer and fall.

In addition to offering back issues directly from Cichlid News at cichlidnews.com, we now have them available through The Cichlidroom Companion at cichlidae.com. In addition to the full magazines, The Cichlidroom Companion has also started to offer individual articles here. Both are offered in pdf format and can be ordered with PayPal.

Please tell your fish friends about Cichlid News Magazine! All the best,

Don Danko, Editor

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