APRIL, 2016 

(VOL. 25, NO. 2) 


Metriaclima zebra OB

cover Apr 2016
Editor's Update
by Wayne Leibel
Mystery Fish
Can you identify this cichlid?
How to House and Breed Thoracochromis brauschi by Greg Steeves. The Lake Fwa ‘Blood-Throat’.

Spawning the Stone Carrier, Retroculus lapidifer by Darrell Ullisch. Notable spawning of a rare cichlid.

Tanganicodus irsacae, the Insectivorous Goby Cichlid of Lake Tanganyika by Ad Konings.

The Apoyo Shore Cichlid, Amphilophus flaveolus by Jeffrey McCrary. A little known Midas cichlid.

A Cichlid Community Aquarium—Cichlid Communities along the Lower Amazon by Oliver Lucanus.

Book Review by Don Danko.

What’s New by Laif DeMason.
Recent arrivals from around the world.

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