APRIL, 1994 

(VOL. 3, NO. 2) 

Cichlasoma bartoni
A Dream Trip: Cichlids on the Xingu! by Jeff Cardwell. 

La Mojarra de dos Colores, Cichlasoma bartoni Bean 1892 -- Part II. Reproduction and Husbandry by J. M. Artigas Azas. 

Spawning Haplochromis (Astatotilapia) nubilus from Northern Uganda by P. V. Loiselle. 

Pseudotropheus sp. "Deep" from Lake Malawi by J. Q. Baxter. 

Collecting Cichlids in Madagascar -- Part I. Logistics by R. Morris. 

Book Review -- Konings' Enjoying Cichlids by T. Baker. 

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