APRIL, 1996 

(VOL. 5, NO. 2) 

ON THE COVER: "Haplochromis" nyererei
The Cichlids of Jurassic Park -- Part IV: Do Madagascar's Cichlids Have a Future? by P. V. Loiselle.

Natural History and Husbandry of Cichlasoma centrarchus by W. Heijns.

The Pearl of Tanzania, Labidochromis sp. "Perlmutt" by H. R. Scheel.

Cyprichromis leptosoma from Kitumba, Zaire by O. Lucanus.

Spawning Bathybates minor -- An Aquarium First by B. Allen.

Book Review -- Konings' Malawi Cichlids in their Natural Habitats (2nd ed.) by M. Sweeney.

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