APRIL, 1999 

(VOL. 8, NO. 2) 

Xenotilapia sp. 
"papilio sunflower"
Natural History and Husbandry of the Juba, Ptychochromis oligacanthus (Bleeker 1868) by Paul V. Loiselle. 

Getting Started With the Triangle Cichlid, Uaru amphiacan-thoidesby Brian M. Scott. 

Guest Commentary: A Mouthful of $$$ by Wilfried Van der Elst. 

Introducing Apistogramma elizabethae Kullander, 1980 by Uwe Romer. 

Cichlids and Science: Fighting by Ronald Coleman. 

Book Review -- Tanganyika Cichlids in their Natural Habitat by Ad Konings.

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