JANUARY, 2000 (VOL. 9, NO. 1) 

Aulonocara stuartgranti
(Chiofu Bay)
An Introduction to the Pike Cichlids of the Genus Crenicichlaby Vinny Kutty.
First in a series on this fascinating neotropical group.

The Cichlids of Chiofu Bay, Malawi by Ad Konings
A review of one of Lake Malawi's true "hotspots."

Captive Husbandry of Cyphotilapia frontosa by Brian M. Scott
Helpful tips on breeding and maintaining this Tanganyikan favorite.

Natural History and Aquarium Husbandry of the Savannah Jewel Fish, Hemichromis letourneauxi Sauvage 1880 by Paul V. Loiselle.

Cichlids and Science: Revealing Relationships by Ronald Coleman.

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