JANUARY, 2013 

(VOL. 22, NO. 1) 


Lamprologus lethops

cover Jan 2013
Editor's Update
by Wayne Leibel
Mystery Fish
Can you identify this cichlid?
First Notes on the Husbandry of the Blind Cichlid Lamprologus lethops from the Congo River by Oliver Lucanus. The first account of living specimens of the blind Congo cichlid.

New Information on Tropheus annectens by Ad Konings. The author reviews the taxonomic status of this Tropheus species

Pseudotropheus sp. ‘williamsi north’, a Surprising and Versatile Beauty among Mbuna by Patrick Tawil. An overview of the Ps. williamsi complex of mbuna from Lake Malawi.

Not Just a Phantom: the Joturo from Cuba by Uwe Werner. An account of the elusive Cuban endemic Nandopsis ramsdeni.

Cast Netting for Cichlids in Lake Victoria, Identification Challenges and Rewards by Lawrence Kent. The author shares the contents of his cast net from Ugandan Lake Victoria.

My Favorite 6 Cichlids by David Boruchowitz. The former editor of TFH magazine shares his favorites.

What’s New by Laif DeMason.
Recent arrivals from around the world.

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