JANUARY, 2017 

(VOL. 26, NO. 1) 


Aulonocara sp. 'trematocranus masinje'

cover Jan 2017
Editor's Update
by Wayne Leibel
Mystery Fish
Can you identify this cichlid?
Aulonocara sp. ‘trematocranus masinje’ by Patrick Tawil. The missing piece of the puzzle.

Chiapaheros grammodes by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas. The Mojarra del Chiapa de Corzo.

The Evolution of the Central American cichlids by Martin Geerts. Another view of the recent revision.

Cichlids from Lake Mweru by Oliver Lucanus. Exciting species from an area in the D. R. Congo never collected before.

The Princess of the Deep by Ad Konings. Benthochromis tricoti and B. horii caught in the same net.

What’s New by Laif DeMason.
Recent arrivals from around the world.

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