JANUARY, 1992 (VOL. 1, NO. 1) 

Labidochromis caeruleus
New Substrate Spawners from Lake Tanganyika by D. Conkling. 

Lethrinops sp. "Small Green Face" by M. Smith. 

Julidochromis "transcriptus" gombi, a Peaceful Midget by E. Reitz. 

Cyprichromis Species "Jumbo leptosoma" by M. Anderson. 

The Judging Dilemma by M. Bailey. 

Tropheus Maintenance by B. Nelson. 

Hexamita by J. H. Wattley. 

Xenotilapia in the Aquarium by M. Neiman. 

Lamprologus compressiceps "Bugle-Mouth" by L. B. Gordon. 

New Mbuna from the Tanzanian Coast of Lake Malawi by L. DeMason. 

Introducing Apistogramma moae: A Real Fish Story! by M. Junker and D. Sanchez. 

Lake Victoria Cichlids: a Status Report by C. Rambo.

Editor's Note: This back issue is not  available.

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