JANUARY, 1994 (VOL. 3, NO. 1) 

ON THE COVER: Aulonocara "Blue-dorsal Flavescent"
Introducing the Slender Krib, Pelvicachromis taeniatusby K. Zadnik.

"Haplochromis sp. zebra" -- A (Victorian) Horse of a Different Color! by T. Koziol. 

Into Africa: Exploring the Tanzanian Coast of Lake Malawi -- Part II by L. DeMason. 

La Mojarra de dos Colores, Cichlasoma bartoni Bean 1892 -- Part I. Natural History by J. M. Artigas Azas. 

Synodontid Catfishes in the African Cichlid Hobby by L. Gordon. 

Otopharynx lithobates from Lake Malawi by M. Smith.

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