JULY, 2001 

(VOL. 10, NO. 3) 


'Cichlasoma' festae

cover Jul 2001
Editor's Update
by Jeffrey N. Taylor
Mystery Fish
Can you identify this cichlid?
Explorations on Lake Tanganyika:  Safari to Ubwariby Mireille Schreyen. Pioneering explorations of the Congo coastline of northern Lake Tanganyika.

Experiences with Paretroplus menerambo and P. maculatus from Madagascar by Sonia Guinane. Two extremely endangered species are successfully bred in the aquarium.

Diving with Benthochromis: a Dream Come True by Eric Genevelle.  Observing this most elusive featherfin in the wild.

Collecting Experiences on Lake Malawi in Tanzania by Charles Kacirek

Husbandry of Oscars, Astronotus spp. by Brian Scott. Some fresh ideas for keeping an old favorite.

The True Copadichromis mloto? by Ad Konings. Unravelling a taxonomic puzzle regarding a popular utaka.

What’s New by Laif DeMason.
Recent arrivals from around the world.

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