JULY, 1993 

(VOL. 2, NO. 3) 

Paretroplus sp. "Red-tail"

Rediscovering Madagascar: A Quest for New Cichlids -- Part I by J.-C. Nourissat. 

Care and Breeding of Caquetaia spectabilis (Steindachner 1875) by M. Szot. 

Chromidotilapia guentheri, a Biparental Mouthbrooder from West Africa by J. d'Antona. 

Paratilapia polleni Bleeker 1868, a Threatened Cichlid from Madagascar -- Part II. Reproductive Behavior by P. V. Loiselle. 

Notes on the Malawi Trout Cichlid, Champsochromis caeruleusby T. J. Koziol. 

South Florida Farmers Step Up at Annual Fish Show by L. DeMason. 

Book Review -- Konings' The Cichlids Yearbook, Vol. 3 by M. Bailey.

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