JULY, 1994 

(VOL. 3, NO. 3) 

Xenotilapia ochrogenys "Ndole"

Collecting Cichlids in Madagascar -- Part II. The Fishes by R. Morris. 

Cyathoparynx furcifer "New Striped," a Unique Featherfin from Zambia by L. Gordon. 

Care and Breeding of Caquetaia kraussi by M. Szot. 

Tanganyikan Substrate Spawners: The Next Wave by D. Conkling. 

"Yellow Blaze" -- A Beautiful Morph of Otopharynx lithobatesby B. Simpson. 

Lamprichthys tanganicanus in your Tanganyikan Aquarium by B. Allen. 

Book Review -- Konings' The Cichlids Yearbook, Vol. 4 by M. Bailey.

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