JULY, 1995 

(VOL. 4, NO. 3) 

Aulonocara sp. "Maulana 500"

Will the Real Yellow Krib Please Stand Up? by K. A. Zadnik. 

Experiences with Caquetaia myersi Schultz, 1944 by F. Ingemann Hansen. 

Breeding Enantiopus sp. "Kilesa" by G. Leon.

The Cichlids of Jurassic Park -- Part I by P. V. Loiselle.

Video Review -- Konings' Feeding Specializations in Lake Malawi Cichlids by M. Bailey.

Book Review -- DeMason's A Guide to the Tanzanian Cichlids of Lake Malawi by M. Reynolds.

Editor's Note: This back issue is not available.

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