JULY, 1997 

(VOL. 6, NO. 3) 

Copadichromis virginalis

Introducing Labidochromis sp. "Zebra" from Lake Malawi by William J. Presnal. 

New Cichlids from Panama by Jean-Claude Nourissat. 

Aquarium Husbandry of the Pindu, Stomatepia pindu Trewavas 1972 by Paul V. Loiselle. 

Tropheus -- A First Experience by Pat Wagner. Cichlids and Science: Sex Determination by Ronald Coleman. 

Getting Started With Lake Victoria Haplochromines by Chuck Rambo. 

Reproductive Behavior of Paretroplus kieneri Arnoult 1960 at the Denver Zoo by Rick Haeffner and John Davidson. 

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