JULY, 1998 

(VOL. 7, NO. 3) 

ON THE COVER: Protomelas taeniolatus "yellow-chin"

New Surprises from Madagascar by Jean-Claude Nourissat. 

Messing about in Boats -- Part II by Mary Bailey. 

Getting Started with Tanganyikan Lyretail Cichlids -- Part I by Trevor Baker. 

Flukes! by Mary Ellen Sweeney. 

Crenicichla regani, the Gentle Pike by Don Zilliox. 

Guest Commentary: Dissolved Solids and Fry Viability in Tanganyikan Cichlids by Doug Conkling. 

Captive Husbandry of the Speckled Peacock Bass, Cichla temensisby Brian M. Scott. 

Cichlids and Science: Enigmatic Eggs by Ron Coleman. 

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