OCTOBER, 2015 

(VOL. 24, NO. 4) 


Pelmatochromis nigrofasciatus

cover Oct 2015
Editor's Update
by Wayne Leibel
Mystery Fish
Can you identify this cichlid?
What is a Pelmatochromis? by Paul V. Loiselle. Four uncommon West African cichlids.

The Cow-Eyed Featherfin by Ad Konings. Ophthalmotilapia boops from Lake Tanganyika.

An Uncommon Dwarf Mbuna by Patrick Tawil. Pseudotropheus sp. ‘elongatus ruarwe’.

Heroine Cichlids by Willem Heijns. New generic assignments for these American cichlids?

A new Retroculus species by Wayne S. Leibel. Retroculus acherontos from Brazil.

What’s New by Laif DeMason.
Recent arrivals from around the world.

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