OCTOBER, 1992 (VOL. 1, NO. 4) 

Cichlasoma panamense

The Rosy Cichlid, Cichlasoma panamense by J. Middleton.

Nitrate Toxicity in Tanganyikan Cichlids -- A Preliminary Study by D. Conkling. 

Reverse Osmosis and Cichlid Maintenance by J. Gargas. 

Introducing Cichlasoma lentiginosum by S. Sung.

Video Review: Fish from Burundi to your Home by M. Bailey. 

Lake Victoria: A Great Lake In Ecological Flux by R. McAndrews. 

Greenwoodochromis christyi, a Biparental Mouthbrooder by M. Neiman. 

Pseudotropheus elongatus "Chewere" by H. Piken. 

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