OCTOBER, 1993 (VOL. 2, NO. 4) 

ON THE COVER: "Haplochromis" nyererei 

Rediscovering Madagascar: A Quest for New Cichlids -- Part II by J.-C. Nourissat. 

Labidochromis "Red-Top Kimpuma" -- A Long Wait Pays Off by D. Conkling. 

Maintenance and Breeding of the Red Hump Eartheater, Geophagus steindachneri Eigenmann and Hildebrand 1910 by L. Newman. 

Petrochromis trewavasae -- A Three-part Saga by B. Nelson. 

"Haplochromis" nyererei from Lake Victoria by M. Neiman. 

Into Africa: Exploring the Tanzanian Coast of Lake Malawi -- Part I by L. DeMason. 

Video Review -- Konings' Diving in Lake Malawi (Pt. I) by M. Bailey. 

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