Hello readers and cichlid fans, I have sad news to share. Dr Wayne Leibel passed away unexpectedly on Sunday May 16th. Many of you already know, but it came to quite a shock to us here. As Don Danko writes later in this issue, we were all dumbfounded as Don, Ad, and I had either spoke or corresponded with Wayne only a day or two beforehand. It was, to say the least, a total shock; Wayne was his usual happy self up to that day. What a terrible loss to the cichlid world…

I first met Wayne from his elegant cichlid talks at some of my first ACA conventions about 40 years ago. I loved his presentations, great photos, and great information always packed into each talk. Smooth delivery; I didn’t miss one. I especially loved the presentations on Geophagus though I never kept any but always had the interest. His talks were loaded with information and excitement. Later we met up on the same shuttle bus ride from an airport to one of the convention halls; what a great guy! Then Ad, Wayne, and I were speakers for a PCCA annual meeting where we toured a few wineries hosted by Rich Bireley where we all had too much to drink; fun guy, great day. Later Wayne told me he was captive in writing a regular column for a well-know tropical fish magazine and even though he loved to write, he thought it was getting old. He understood deadlines and was hired as the next (fourth) editor of Cichlid News. His first issue was October 2010. He worked diligently, putting out some of our greatest issues for over 10 years. Much appreciated by me and the readers! He will be sorely missed by all in the cichlid world where he gave so much.

Back to the matter at hand. This issue we have some great material, all collected in advance by Wayne. First we have Dr. Paul Loiselle’s article on the two cichlid species from the Caribbean islands of Cuba and Hispaniola. Next Wolfgang Staeck writes about the smaller eartheaters from the genus Gymnogeophagus. There is a wealth of them from the southern (cold) part of South America—Uruguay and nearby countries. Then from Wayne’s urging, Don Danko’s interview of my knowledge of importation and breeding of Tropheus species (pre-virtual Tropheus meeting). Reading it over, I’ll only say in my defense, I know more than the time allotted! Next Thom Williams writes about Ptychochromis insolitus, the red-finned Ptyco which we bred at Old World for some years. Next, Ad presents Neolamprologus kungweensis and its allies. Mud tunnel “shell dwellers”! Interesting. Lastly, Don Danko shares his thoughts with us about the late Dr. Leibel.

That’s the lineup this time. Enjoy and thank you Wayne for all you’ve done!

Laif DeMason, Editor

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