JULY, 2021 

(VOL. 30, NO. 3) 


Neolamprologus kungweensis

cover Jul 2021
Editor's Update
by Laif DeMason
Mystery Fish
Can you identify this cichlid?
Cichlids of the Caribbean Nandopsis by Paul V. Loiselle.
The native cichlids of Cuba and Hispaniola.

An Eartheater from the Subtropics Gymnogeophagus terrapurpura by Wolfgang Staeck.
Gaudily-colored eartheaters from Uruguay.

Revisiting Ptychochromis insolitus by Thomas Williams.
A fish that is extinct in the wild.

Interview with Laif DeMason about Tropheus by Don Danko & Laif DeMason.
The early days of importing Tropheus.

Mud-tunnel Brooders of Lake Tanganyika by Ad Konings.
Tiny cichlids that live on the open mud floor of the lake.

Obituary Wayne S. Leibel by Don Danko.
Remembering the life of one of the cichlid hobby's greatest contributors.

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