OCTOBER, 2021 

(VOL. 30, NO. 4) 


Copadichromis parvus ssp. "azureus white-head"

cover Oct 2021
Editor's Update
by Laif DeMason
Mystery Fish
Can you identify this cichlid?
The Gray Characters from the Congo Steatocranus
by Anton Lamboj.
An overview of these small humpheads.

Copadichromis parvus The Eastern Relative of C. azureus
by Patrick Tawil.
Confusing plankton-eaters from Lake Malawi.

Observed in its Natural Habitat: Crenicichla marmorata
by Wolfgang Staeck.
Beautiful pike cichlids from Brazil.

Swimming with Cichlids Cape Kachese, Zambia
by Pam Chin.
The target species this time: Petrochromis trewavasae.

Enantiopus Reverse-footed Beauties from Lake Tanganyika
by Ad Konings.
Beautiful sand-dwellers from Lake Tanganyika.

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