APRIL, 2022 

(VOL. 31, NO. 2) 


Satanoperca setepele

cover Apr 2022
Editor's Update
by Don Danko
Mystery Fish
Can you identify this cichlid?
The Rio Araguaia Demonfish— Satanoperca setepele
by Lee Newman.
First breeding report of this eartheater.

Herichthys pantostictus— the Variable Pánuco Cichlid
by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas.
The Blue Labridens demystified.

Eartheaters From the Genus Biotodoma
by Wolfgang Staeck.
Observations in nature and in the aquarium.

Out of West Africa— Hemichromis exsul
by Byron von Gunten.
Hemichromis from Kenya.

Ctenopharynx intermedius
by Mike Helford.
A picturesque pastel-colored haplochromine.

Neolamprologus mustax
by John Krepper.
The milder cousin of the leleupi.

My Love for Shell Dwellers
by Chris Carpenter.
Fascinating cichlids for small tanks.

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