Welcome to the April 2022 issue of Cichlid News! This issue brings a wide variety of articles that represent the major regions of the cichlid world from Central and South America to West and East Africa. With this issue, I will be assuming the position of editor, attempting to fill the void left by the untimely passing of our great friend and outstanding cichlid expert, Dr. Wayne Leibel. While that wonít be an easy task, I will do my best to work with the Cichlid News team to continue to bring the latest information on cichlids to you.
In this issue, we have some returning authors as well as some newcomers that are well known in their local clubs for their expertise in keeping and breeding cichlids. Be sure to see the author bios at the end of this issue to learn more about each of them.
Studying Eartheaters is one of Lee Newmanís passions and he shares his experiences concerning a new species of Demonfish, Satanoperca setepele. Lee shares insights into the natural history and aquarium husbandry of this new geophagine species in this well illustrated article.
Mexican cichlid expert, Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, relates his personal field experiences and shares his excellent underwater pictures in his piece on Herichthys pantostictus. He also covers the morphological differences between H. pantostictus and some closely related species in this in-depth article that you are sure to enjoy.
Dr. Wolfgang Staeck of Germany writes on the little covered South American genus, Biotodoma, sharing field and aquarium observations. He makes a great case for this peaceful cichlid being an ideal aquarium fish.
Hemichromis exsul is all the rage in the cichlid hobby now! Ohio Cichlid Association member, Byron von Gunten, relates his experience in maintaining and breeding this colorful West African cichlid in large groups in his display tanks.
Wellknown Greater Chicago Cichlid Association member, Mike Helford, loves uncommon Lake Malawi cichlids. In his article, he discusses maintaining and breeding one of the larger Malawi cichlids, Ctenopharynx intermedius.
Most hobbyists think of Neolamprologus mustax as a plain brown cousin of the beautiful orange strain of N. leleupi. John Krepper hopes to change that stereotype in his entertaining piece on the orange variant of N. mustax.
Chris Carpenter of the Grand Valley Aquarium Club in Michigan is wild about shell-dwelling cichlids and he loves telling everyone just that when he often speaks to other aquarium clubs. Chris covers some of his favorite species in his brief article.

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Don Danko, Editor

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