Hopefully, you all enjoyed the April issue of CN. I received some comments on the use of stappersi over meleagris for the species name in the caption for one of the photos in Chris Carpenter’s shell dweller article. Since we follow Ad Konings’ guidance when it comes to Tanganyika nomenclature, we used stappersi. Perhaps some field work in the future will shed additional light on the subject but, for now, stappersi it is.

On to the present issue. July features seven articles, including four by new authors:

Daniel Konn-Vetterlein takes us along on one of his collecting trips through Colombia. Daniel is from Germany and is very well known for his experiences with catfish. He will be speaking at the ACA Triple Crown Convention in Louisville later this month, so be sure to see him there.

Paul Loiselle, an icon in the cichlid hobby that needs no introduction, introduces us to the South American species, Andinoacara biseriata. He presents a compelling case for it being a great aquarium resident. Paul will also speak at the ACA Triple Crown Convention.

Sam ‘Scalz’ Garcia, known for his outstanding drawings of fish and other forms of nature, writes about his fascination with a West African favorite of his, Nanochromis splendens. An outstanding and exclusive drawing of a pair of this attractive fish is featured on this month’s cover.

Cooper Buccholz is an avid hobbyist who specializes in Tropheus and Mbuna and who loves sharing information with others. He writes on his approach to maintaining Tropheus, including managing the dreaded malady known as ‘bloat’.

Many of you know Josh Cunningham as owner of Cunningham Cichlids and as an active member of the American Cichlid and Michigan Cichlid Associations. Josh shares his experiences with maintaining and breeding Malawi Gars, one of the larger cichlids from the lake.

Another well known CN author that has visited Lake Tanganyika many times, Pam Chin, presents another episode of “Swimming with Cichlids”, this time in Mahale Mountains National Park.

Ad Konings, our graphics editor, talks about the importance of proper record keeping through the example of the British Museum’s Rodney Wood collection and gives his thoughts on the identification of Tropheops species from Domira Bay in Lake Malawi. Ad is also one of the speakers at this year’s ACA Convention.

So, read on and enjoy and be sure to attend the ACA, OCA, or other convention this year.

Don Danko, Editor

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