JULY, 2022 

(VOL. 31, NO. 3) 


Nanochromis splendens

cover Jul 2022
Editor's Update
by Don Danko
Mystery Fish
Can you identify this cichlid?
Bycatches of a Catfish Trip to the Dimrill
by Daniel Konn-Vetterlein.
Bycatch cichlids from Colombian streams.

An Acara Well Worth the Wait— Andinoacara biseriata (Regan, 1913)
by Paul V. Loiselle.
A strikingly colored South American cichlid of modest dimensions.

The Art of Cichlidae— Nanochromis splendens Roberts & Stewart, 1976
by Sam Scalz.
Observations in the aquarium.

Tropheus Survival Guide
by Cooper Buchholz.
Informative guide to keeping Tropheus in captivity.

Swimming with Cichlids—Mahale Mountains NP Lake Tanganyika
by Pam Chin.
Another one of Pam's adventures in Lake Tanganika.

Keeping Lichnochromis acuticeps in an Aquarium
by Josh Cunningham.
How to breed the Malawi gar.

The Importance of Record Keeping— The Case of Tropheops
by Ad Konings.
An unearthed letter of the collector Rodney Wood provides a type locality to numerous Malawi cichlids.

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