The October issue features seven articles, again including four by first time CN authors:

Oliver Lucanus introduces us to a new South American cichlid, Aequidens paloemeuensis. In his interesting article, he poses the question, is it an Aequidens or a Krobia?

Wolfgang Staeck, a prolific Cichlid News author, tells us about his experience maintaining and breeding Apistogramma psammophila, a species he and Ingo Schindler described in 2019.

Lew Carbone, well known for his work with the Ohio Cichlid Association, details his efforts in acquiring, maintaining, and spawning Amphilophus lyonsi, a handsome cichlid from Costa Rica and Panama.

Michel Keijman makes his Cichlid News debut with a splash relating how he came to acquire Tylochromis sp. ‘kinsuka’ from the Congo River near Kinshasa. Michel is well known in the Netherlands and is a key member of the West African Study Group (WAC).

Scott Wells brings us another “how-to” article, covering a subject that has been problematic for me personally over the years—keeping and breeding Julidochromis in community settings. Scott is known for his work in running the Cichlid Stage blog at thecichlidstage.com.

African Rift Lake connoisseur, Patrick Tawil, presents his 40-year experience with keeping Neolamprologus savoryi and discusses its easy hybridization with N. helianthus.

Thomas Lepel, a cichlid distributor in Germany, discusses the unusual and seldom seen Diplotaxodon limnothrissa, a deep water species from Lake Malawi. Thomas tells the story of how some were acquired and then bred for what appears to be the first time.

On another subject, my wife, Marilyn, and I had a blast attending the recent American Cichlid Association Triple Crown Convention in Louisville KY this past July. It was great catching up with old friends as well as meeting new ones. With the ACA, AKA, ALA, and the North American Australian New Guinea Fishes Association (NA ANGFA) all holding conventions under one roof, meeting new faces and finding something to do was exceptionally easy. One might think that putting on a convention with all of these organizations would have been an impossible task, but Convention Chair, Rusty Wessel, and his corps of workers from the Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers local club pulled it off gracefully!

For another great cichlid event this fall, be sure to put the Ohio Cichlid Association’s Extravaganza 2022 on your calendar for Nov. 18-20 in Strongsville OH. Register here.

Hoping you enjoy this edition of Cichlid News. Please be sure to tell your cichlid friends about us!

Don Danko, Editor

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