OCTOBER, 2022 

(VOL. 31, NO. 4) 


Aequidens paloemeuensis

cover Oct 2022
Editor's Update
by Don Danko
Mystery Fish
Can you identify this cichlid?
Looking for Aequidens paloemeuensis
by Oliver Lucanus.
First time import of this spectacular cichlid from Surinam.

On the fringe of its genus: Apistogramma psammophila
by Wolfgang Staeck.
A highly distinctive dwarf cichlid from the Rio Atabapo.

A Bold Personality: Amphilophus lyonsi
by Lew Carbone.
Observations in the aquarium of the smallest member of Amphilophus.

A species unknown to science: Tylochromis sp. 'kinsuka'
by Michel Keijman.
A colorful species from the Democratic Republic of Congo from a genus holding mostly silvery cichlids.

Strategies for breeding Julidochromis in community tanks
by Scott Wells.
Julies stay close to their quarters when these contain narrow, horizontal hide-outs.

Neolamprologus helianthus and Neolamprologus savoryi: The Beauty and the Beast
by Patrick Tawil.
40 Years of keeping N. savoryi brings a wealth of knowledge about this little Tanganyika cichlid.

From the Depths of Lake Malawi to the Aquarium: Diplotaxodon limnothrissa. Hard to Believe, but True!
by Thomas Lepel.
Grown from larvae taken from their dead mother's mouth who ended up in a fisherman's catch.

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