In this issue, Cichlid News celebrates the contributions of women in the cichlid hobby with a special edition featuring eight articles by prominent female hobbyists. From breeding insights to conservation efforts, these passionate women share their expertise, experiences, and dedication to the world of cichlids. The magazine recognizes and highlights their invaluable role in shaping the cichlid community and inspiring others to join this fascinating hobby.

Pam Chin recounts her diving adventures at Nkondwe Island in Lake Tanganyika. She describes encounters with Tropheus, Ophthalmotilapia, and Petrochromis. Pam raises concerns about the declining populations and highlights the importance of conservation efforts.

Christine Keys writes on the stunning beauty and aggressive nature of Shuja horei, also known as the Warrior Cichlid. With its attractive coloration and remarkable facial markings, this fish continues to captivate Lake Tanganyika cichlid enthusiasts worldwide.

Lisa Newman ventures beyond West African dwarf cichlids and discovers the Araguaia Smiling Acara, Laetacara araguaiae. Read about her journey of keeping and breeding these small and colorful South American cichlids with exceptional parental care.

Jackie Anderson sheds light on the work of Project Piaba in fostering aquarium fish fisheries on the Rio Negro that provide sustainable livelihoods. Through captivating anecdotes, Jackie showcases the profound impact of this effort in preserving the delicate balance between fishkeeping, community welfare, and environmental stewardship.

Karen Haas imparts insights into the behavior, breeding, and conservation concerns of the Central American species, Rocio spinosissima, providing a valuable resource on this lesserknown cichlid. She offers tips for successful care, emphasizing suitable tank setups and proper fry nutrition.

Judith Weinberg shares her experiences showcasing her prized Paratilapia at prominent fish shows. From Bos stunning transformation to Vegas shining success, Judith offers valuable tips for cichlid enthusiasts interested in showing their own prized specimens.

Jennifer Riecks journey into the world of cichlids began in 2016, leading her to the German Cichlid Society (DCG). As the chairwoman of the Berlin chapter, she fosters a vibrant community, advocates for responsible fishkeeping, and shares her passion through her talks and articles.

Pamela Marsh reflects on her love for fish and the camaraderie among fellow fish enthusiasts. The article highlights her involvement in the American Cichlid Association, her experiences on collecting trips, and the formation of the Babes in the Cichlid Hobby group and their successful fund-raising efforts for cichlid research and conservation. She concludes with an invitation for women to join their cause and hints at future endeavors.

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Don Danko, Editor

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