OCTOBER, 2023 

(VOL. 32, NO. 4) 


Ophthalmotilapia boops

cover October 2023
Editor's Update
by Don Danko
Mystery Fish
Can you identify this cichlid?
Swimming With Cichlids: Nkondwe Island, Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania
by Pam Chin.
Pam describes encounters with Tropheus, Ophthalmotilapia, and Petrochromis, raises concerns about the declining populations, and highlights the importance of conservation efforts.

The Warrior Cichlid, Shuja horei
by Christine Keys.
With its attractive coloration and remarkable facial markings, this fish continues to captivate Lake Tanganyika cichlid enthusiasts worldwide..

The Araguaia Smiling Acara, Laetacara araguaiae
by Lisa Newman.
Read about Lisa's journey of keeping and breeding these small and colorful South American cichlids with exceptional parental care.

Flipping the Waferó Aquarium Fish and Conservation
by Jackie Anderson.
Jackie sheds light on the work of Project Piaba in fostering aquarium fish fisheries on the Rio Negro that provide sustainable livelihoods.

The Shy Cichlid: Rocio spinosissima
by Karen Haas.
Karen offers tips for successful care, emphasizing suitable tank setups, and proper fry nutrition on this lesserknown cichlid.

Show Fish of Future Past: Paratilapia
by Judith Weinberg.
Judith shares her experiences showcasing her prized Paratilapia at prominent fish shows.

The Berlin Chapterís Chairwoman of the DCG
by Jennifer Rieck.
As the chairwoman of the Berlin chapter, Jennifer fosters a vibrant community, advocates for responsible fishkeeping, and shares her passion through her talks and articles.

A Brief History of the BABES in the Cichlid Hobby
by Pamela Marsh.
Pam's article highlights her involvement in the American Cichlid Association, her experiences on collecting trips, and the formation of the Babes in the Cichlid Hobby group and their successful fund-raising efforts for cichlid research and conservation.

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