Greetings cichlid enthusiasts, and a fin-tastic New Year to you all! As we dive into the January 2024 edition of Cichlid News Magazine, we trust your holiday season was filled with joy and relaxation. Brace yourselves for a captivating lineup of six engaging articles authored by renowned aquarists from around the world. It’s time to embark on a thrilling underwater journey!

Ad Konings critiques a recent attempt to describe new Labeotropheus species, highlighting the challenges in using morphological differences, particularly in coloration, as a basis for classification. Konings’ analysis urges caution in hastily assigning new species names based solely on limited criteria and emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive understanding of species boundaries in the context of Lake Malawi’s dynamic environment.

Pam Chin recounts her underwater adventure exploring Kalala Island in Lake Tanganyika. She takes readers on a journey through the island’s rocky reefs, encountering a diverse array of cichlid species. She vividly describes the unique behaviors and vibrant colors of these fish, making it a captivating underwater exploration.

In Livio Leoni’s article, the rare Gobiocichla wonderi cichlid takes center stage. He shares insights into breeding and caring for these challenging rheophilic fish, shedding light on their taxonomy and behavior. Livio encourages aquarists to explore this remarkable species.

In “Let them come: The Bolivian Cichlids!”, Daniel Konn-Vetterlein shares his fascination with Bolivian cichlid species, highlighting the allure of these fishes in their native habitats. He recounts his experiences collecting various species, including Chaetobranchopsis australis and Cichlasoma dimerus, offering insights into their unique characteristics and behaviors. Daniel emphasizes the importance of exploring Bolivia’s diverse aquatic ecosystems to discover and conserve these remarkable fish species.

Wolfgang Staeck delves into the detailed description, distribution, and habitat of Aequidens chimantanus, a rarely documented cichlid from Venezuela’s Rio Caroní drainage. This species exhibits distinctive coloration and markings, thrives in the region’s blackwater rivers, and requires precise conditions for successful aquarium breeding. Staeck’s insights shed light on this elusive fish’s biology and care.

Scott Wells shares his insights into the importance of altering aquarium water conditions in promoting cichlid breeding. By replicating the natural seasonal changes in cichlid habitats through adjustments in water volume, level, frequency, temperature, and pH, breeders can enhance their chances of success. Give his tips a try!

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Don Danko, Editor

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