JANUARY, 2024 

(VOL. 33, NO. 1) 


Labeotropheus trewavasae

cover Jan 2024
Editor's Update
by Don Danko
Mystery Fish
Can you identify this cichlid?
Labeotropheus —A taxonomic nightmare
by Ad Konings.
A discussion of the recent descriptions of nine species and why you don't need to learn the new names.

Swimming with cichlids: Kalala Island
by Pam Chin.
Join Pam on another of her Tanganyika trips.

The West African Sleeper: Gobiocichla wonderi
by Livio Leoni.
Life in the turbulent waters of Guinea.

Let them come: Bolivian cichlids!
by Daniel Konn-Vetterlein.
Interesting cichlids encountered by the catfish specialist.

A Rarity from the Gran Sabana in Venezuela: Aequidens chimantanus
by Wolfgang Staeck.
Dr. Staeck’s insights shed light on this elusive fish’s biology and care.

Water-related strategies for inducing breeding behavior
by Scott Wells.
Scott shares his insights into the importance of altering aquarium water conditions in promoting cichlid breeding.

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