APRIL, 2024 

(VOL. 33, NO. 2) 


Metriaclima melissa

cover Apr 2024
Editor's Update
by Don Danko
A lake in state of upheaval: Lake Victoria’s cichlids — then and now
by Wolfgang Staeck.
A discussion of the cichlids in Lake Victoria and the roles they play in the aquarium hobby.

True little brats: The false perspicax
by Patrick Tawil.
Detailing behavioral and morphological differences of the many variants.

The many faces of Metriaclima melissa
by Mark Thomas.
A newly discovered variant appears intermediate between known forms.

Lake Tanganyika’s scale-eater: Perissodus microlepis
by Ad Konings.
The common scale-eater appears to be one of the most interesting cichlids in the lake.

Darienheros calobrensis (Meek & Hildebrand, 1913)
by Michel Keijman.
Michel explores the distinctive features of this cichlid, shedding light on its habitat, behavior, and variability in the wild.

The Golden Chanchito, Australoheros acaroides (Hensel, 1870)
by Paul Loiselle.
Dr. Loiselle provides insights into the Golden Chanchito covering the discovery, taxonomic nuances, and aquarium maintenance and breeding.

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