Welcome to the springtime issue of Cichlid News Magazine! Hopefully, you weathered the winter season well without event. While we make every effort to be accurate, we acknowledge and regret an error in Christine Keyes’s excellent article on Shuja horei in the October 2023 issue. We extend our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding, Christine, as we strive to maintain the highest standards in our publication.

The following is a preview of the six interesting articles on diverse areas of the cichlid world that appear in this issue:

Wolfgang Staeck delves into the ecological upheaval of Lake Victoria, exploring the decline of its diverse cichlid fauna. Once boasting over 500 cichlid species, the lake has witnessed a drastic reduction due to factors such as the introduction of Nile perch and the water hyacinth, as well as from eutrophication. The extinction threat to haplochromine cichlids, crucial for local livelihoods, is discussed. Conservation efforts, including a Species Survival Plan and potential ornamental fishery, are explored amidst the challenging scenario.

Patrick Tawil discusses the (potential) misidentification of dwarf mbuna from Lake Malawi, often labeled as Pseudotropheus perspicax. Proposing Pseudotropheus sp. ‘pseudoperspicax’ as an alternative name, he highlights the challenges in naming these popular yet aggressive aquarium species. Tawil explores ‘False Perspicax’ variants, detailing their unique behaviors and morphological differences. Determining their proper taxonomic placement poses challenges and he reflects on the complexities of their evolutionary history.

Fascinated by the former Pseudotropheus elongatus complex, Mark Thomas was drawn once more to Lake Malawi to study them in their natural environment. Observing them at Chitende, Chewere, and other locations, he highlights those at Matambukira Rocks as the most aesthetically pleasing of the group recently described as Metriaclima melissa. You are certain to enjoy the beauty of these cichlids in this particularly well-illustrated piece!

Known for its unique feeding process, Perissodus microlepis employs asymmetrical mouths to aid in swift and efficient scale theft. As such, researchers have debated whether handedness is genetic or acquired. Ad Konings explores this feeding strategy, as well as the breeding habits of this species. While certainly not unattractive, P. microlepis is definitely one of Lake Tanganyika’s most behaviorally interesting cichlids and one that generates significant scientific interest.

Michel Keijman, with insights from Don Danko, recounts an expedition to Panama in 2000, in which he and Hans van Heusden observed and collected Darienheros calobrensis. The piece explores the distinctive features of this cichlid, shedding light on its habitat, behavior, and variability in the wild. It also covers appropriate aquarium setup, breeding, and the species’ status in the hobby, offering a rich narrative on this unique and seldom seen cichlid.

Paul Loiselle provides insights into the Golden Chanchito, Australoheros acaroides, covering the discovery, taxonomic nuances, and aquarium maintenance and breeding. With the Golden Chanchito’s adaptability to tolerate cool and varying water temperatures, Dr. Loiselle also covers an interesting approach to breeding them outdoors that has served him well during the New Jersey “tubbing” season.

Starting with this issue of Cichlid News, we have decided to discontinue the Mystery Fish feature in the magazine and, in its place, run an author’s favorite cichlid, tips and tricks, or other items as an alternative. This month, we asked Wolfgang Staeck about his favorite Victorian cichlid and you can see his response on page 38.

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Don Danko, Editor

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